The establishment of the College of Fine Arts/ University of Diyala The College of Basic Education at the University of Diyala is the first nucleus for establishing the most important scientific edifice in Diyala Governorate in particular and Iraq in general that has been teaching art since 2010, and it aimed to spread artistic and musical culture. In 2011, the College of Fine Arts opened its doors to receive the first batch of new students. The first two departments were created in 2011, namely the Department of Art Education and the Department of Audio and Visual Arts (Cinema and Television Arts currently). Then the Department of Fine Arts was added. The idea of establishing the (Academy of Fine Arts) began. (Professor Dr. Alaa Shaker Al-Atbi) adopted it, founded it and chose a building for it within the College of Basic Education / University of Diyala, near the Baqubah Iron Bridge extending over the Diyala River, the entrance to the Mustafa neighborhood. It includes only three scientific departments: About the Department of Art Education: Art education is an important part of the educational process in the general education stages and is complementary to other academic subjects, as it undertakes the task of developing and growing the artistic and creative abilities of learners to gain them new artistic trends that adapt to their working conditions and environment and give them opportunities to express their individuality in vision, thinking and discovery. It works to develop their technical skills, which helps them meet the needs and requirements of other academic subjects, such as drawings and plans. Teaching the subject of art education in the general education stages in a proper manner that is consistent with its objectives requires the availability of the elements that make up this subject, represented by the presence of a competent (teacher) who possesses the educational competencies that qualify him to carry out this task, and this is the primary goal (of the art education department), which works through its prescribed curricula. To qualify as a teacher for the art education subject at the secondary level who possesses educational competencies (educational, artistic, cultural, and vocational). The goal of the artistic education that we seek in schools is to educate the individual so that he can live a sophisticated, aesthetic life within the advanced social framework in which he lives and belongs. The art subject is only a means to reach the comprehensive general training for students, and its goal is not only to develop manual skills, but rather to create a kind of integrated experience in the different stages of education. The role of the art education teacher in the educational process is to prepare the space surrounding the students with an artistic environment that ensures their connection with the times with its tools and ideas so that they can think, understand, work and grow through their school and social activities in the right direction. The most important general objectives of the department are determined as follows: - Preparing the art education teacher in the stages of pre-university education in its various types and levels. -Preparing specialists in implementing and presenting social development programs and caring for youth and special groups. -Preparing specialists in implementing and presenting aesthetic education programmes. -Conducting scientific and field research in the fields of arts and education. -Preparing training programs for workers in the fields of art education at various levels -Providing technical advice to various bodies in the fields of art and artistic culture. About the Department of Cinema and Television Arts The Department of Cinema and Television Arts / College of Fine Arts, which is affiliated with the University of Diyala, works to achieve and establish the foundations of education in its broadest sense in accordance with the principles of the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, as well as developing artistic skills and preparing the department’s students from the first to the fourth stage by specialists in this field to highlight and elevate The message of fine art, as well as the relentless pursuit of building creative and innovative students ready to engage in the cultural, artistic and social fabric, in order to improve public taste by immersing these promising generations in various artistic and practical scientific requirements, specifically in the field of the film and television industry, starting with academic graduation in the specialization of directing, scripting and photography. Montage is based on the theoretical and scientific principles of each specialty, adopting methods of providing modern cognitive and technical education through application lessons for the four specializations (animation, tricks, effects, and graphics) and every modern technology so that the student graduates with a bachelor’s degree in cinema and television (directing, script, photography). (montage), noting that the scientific department has an infrastructure that qualifies it to accomplish cognitive and artistic tasks. General objectives: Keeping pace with scientific achievements at the world level, the television studio, the interactive classroom, etc., and providing it with all the integrated devices and equipment until the department becomes an integrated production institution, starting from the curriculum to the laboratories to the final completion of the students’ graduation projects, where all the technical stages of production have become completed in the department, And working on qualitative and scientific steps to produce student projects that participate in local and international forums and festivals, in addition to developing the artistic skills of the department’s students from the first stage of study to the fourth stage by specialists in this field, most notably in order to participate in promoting the message of fine art, so that the department is considered one of the building blocks of the infrastructure that supports The educational and artistic process About the Department of Fine Arts: The Fine Arts Department aims to graduate artistic cadres who possess knowledge in the fields of fine arts and are able to enter society and practice the profession to provide the finest services and build and develop the facilities needed by community institutions. The department always seeks to achieve an appropriate level of knowledge for students that will make them able to serve the nation with high efficiency in the sectors that require You need to specialize in plastic arts, as the Department of Fine Arts was established in the College of Fine Arts at the University of Diyala in 2015 AD. The first department council was formed in the academic year 2015-2016, and the department awards a bachelor’s degree in plastic arts, and in the plastic arts specializations (painting, sculpture, Ceramics, Graphics) As for the objectives of the Special Fine Arts Department, they are: Introduction to aesthetic values