Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs, Assistant Professor Dr. Ansam Iyad Ali

    • Powers of the Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs:

      The Assistant Dean of the College exercises the following powers to facilitate the work of the departments affiliated with him:

      First: Administrative powers:

      1. Assigning the work of administrative and technical employees to all college divisions in accordance with the college’s work requirements and distributing them among those divisions in a way that guarantees the college’s interest and needs.
      2. Approval to grant regular leaves to technicians, administrators, and contractors who are members of the college to enjoy them inside and outside Iraq.
      3. Approval of the promotion of the college’s technical and administrative members.
      4. Approval of assigning college employees and affiliates to additional university work.
      5. Approval to accept medical reports for all college members, provided that these reports comply with the controls and provisions contained in the sick leave system.
      6. Making the necessary moves in the administrative staff at the college in accordance with the requirements of the public interest and in coordination with the dean of the college and the heads of its academic departments.
      7. Signing the issuance of orders granting regular vacations, summer vacations, and legally stipulated bonuses to college employees who are referred for retirement.
      8. Signing annual bonus and promotion forms for administrative and technical employees.
      9. Granting maternity and childbirth leave to female college members according to the decisions and instructions in force.

      Second: Financial powers:

      1. Approving the referral of statements and additional periods in accordance with the relevant committees and in accordance with the general conditions of contracting and applicable laws and regulations.
      2. The authority to distribute the necessary financial allocations between scientific departments and in coordination with the heads of scientific departments.
      3. Approval and disbursement of delegation advances for teachers, technicians and administrators for college members within the country and the appropriate periods for completing the mission.
      4. Recommending that the department’s members be referred for investigation in accordance with the State Employees Discipline Law.
      5. Issuing administrative orders for the delivery of lectures by associates or external lecturers (in coordination with the Deanship of the College), opening their records or forms, auditing them in accordance with the administrative orders issued in their regard, and following up on their disbursement by the department secretariat in coordination with the College’s Financial Department. 
دكتورة انسام
A.M.D. Ansam Iyad Ali