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 Spreading artistic and cultural awareness in the social milieu, developing students’ skills in artistic disciplines, and creative knowledge-based openness to the Iraqi, Arab and international community, and contributing to creating an artistic and cultural reality that is consistent with the civilizational orientation of the new Iraq

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Art education has an effective role in building the personality of the citizen who lives in the midst of contemporary social changes and transformations. It contributes positively to the development and refinement of the student’s personality in terms of mental, emotional, sensory and mobility.

Art education is concerned with these aspects with a balanced and consistent interest without giving precedence to one side over another, so that the student can adapt to life and add meaning to life according to the way in which he lives and accordingly, the art education teacher must know what is meant by art and art education, as well as to link Teaching art education with the problems of society, its needs and its culture The role of the art education teacher is to return art to its cultural components in order to play its role in building a creative, sensitive and thinker individual who contributes a share in presenting his nation and homeland and is armed with all the pillars of culture and scientific thought.

The goal of art education that we seek in schools is to educate the individual so that he can live an elegant, aesthetic life within the developed social framework to which he belongs, and the subject of art is only a means to reach the comprehensive general formation of students and its goal is not the formation of manual skill only, but rather to find a kind of integrated experience In different stages of education.

The role of the art education teacher in the educational process is to prepare the field surrounding students with an artistic environment that achieves continuity with the times with tools and ideas in order to think, become aware, work and grow through his school and social activity in the right direction.

Perhaps this illustrates the role that falls on the shoulders of the art education teacher, who almost bears the burden of the educational process in art education, as he is directly responsible for achieving its broad goals and formulating them through the surrounding environment in participation with his students and the extent of their own potential and their innate, physical and cognitive preparations And what it provides for them in terms of self-initiatives, tools and materials to go through that field.

And if the general and private goals of technical education, the outlines of the curriculum, the teaching strategies, and the method have defined their general frameworks, then the private initiatives of the subject teacher, his interpretation of the curriculum, his choice of goals priorities, technical expertise, and scientific knowledge related to the subject and the method of self-presentation are all through Plans and study units represents the cornerstone of this field.

General objectives of the Department of Art Education

1- Raising the individual to live an elegant, aesthetic life in the midst of the developed social framework and deepening the curricula and constructive social values ​​in the hearts of students while practicing artistic work and classroom and extra-curricular activities.

2- Detecting talented students and developing their talents and technical and professional abilities.

3- Emphasizing students ’self-worth and providing the opportunity to express their emotions and feelings and form their personalities.

4- The ability to observe, accurate vision, criticism, and purposeful artistic appreciation.

5- Acquiring experiences and progressive skills that are compatible with students’ ages and levels, linking them to their environment, and walking the artistic culture in the fields of our popular heritage.

6- Respect for manual work and those who do it.

7- Helping students to use some different local materials according to their choice in expressing topics related to their public life.

8- Developing students’ taste and artistic sense, enjoying aesthetic values ​​and knowing the beauty of things.

9- Developing the spirit of cooperation and teamwork, through working in groups.

10- Highlighting the special character in artistic expression, which has a positive effect on the integrity of the personality, for art is a process of renewal and innovation, not a literal transfer.  

Special objectives of the Art Education Department

1- Preparing an art education teacher qualified to teach it at the secondary level, holding a bachelor’s degree in Art Education/College of Fine Arts.

2- The number of researchers specialized in the field of art education who conduct research and experiment in the fields of artistic and aesthetic education at various levels of general education and university education in order to develop components of the educational process.

3- Preparing specialists who are able to prepare training programs for workers in the fields of art education (qualifying subject teachers during service).

4- Preparing specialists capable of implementing and presenting the aesthetic education program and its role in community development through various media and communication.

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