The university president inspects the examination halls in the College of Arts and praises the measures taken by the college

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The President of the University of Diyala, Professor Dr. Tahseen Hussein Mubarak, inspected the examination halls of the College of Fine Arts this morning, Thursday, May 9, 2024. His Excellency was received and accompanied during the visit by the Dean of the College, Professor Dr. Alaa Shaker Mahmoud.
The President of the University began his tour by inspecting the most important measures and preparations taken by the college to ensure the success of the final exams for this year 2023-2024. He informed His Excellency of the college’s procedures regarding the delivery and receipt of mobile phone devices for our students and how to receive, preserve, and deliver them to the students after the end of the exams, praising this procedure, which It makes it easier for the student to take the exam with confidence in his or her own property. He praised the efforts of the college employees who carried out this work.

His Excellency inspected our dear students as they took the final exams, inquiring about the nature of the questions and the exam atmosphere, wishing the students success in their academic and practical careers. He expressed his fatherly guidance and recommendations to his students during the exam period.

At the end of his tour, the President of the University blessed all the efforts that contributed to preparing for these exams, stressing the commitment to implementing the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and providing all necessary supplies to take the exams in an atmosphere appropriate for the student. At the end of his tour, his Excellency also praised the efforts made by the Deanship of the College and the examination committees. In performing their duties, wishing them and the students success in serving the educational process at our dear university.

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