The Second International Conference of the Department of Art Education / College of Fine Arts / University of Diyala / Iraq

Speech of the Conference President

Within the scientific orientations of the University of Diyala to focus on increasing momentum in scientific research production, the College of Fine Arts at the university held its second international scientific conference, which brought together prominent scientific figures from various parts of the world to achieve the goal of the general conference, which is to develop the concept of artistic education and mechanisms for receiving beauty within the framework of aesthetic education. On common ground, researchers from the United States of America, Iran, Turkey, the Kingdom of Morocco, Algeria, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon, as well as participants from various Iraqi universities, participated and presented important research that dealt with various aspects in the main areas of art education and within the themes of the conference. This contributed to the transfer of scientific output and the cross-fertilization of experiences between Multiple cultures. The ongoing discussions throughout the conference sessions contributed to enriching the conference themes, especially with the presence of prominent artistic and intellectual figures at the level of the Arab world who presented important philosophical visions and debates in the field of art education that keep pace with what is happening in the world in terms of modernization and rooting of this important concept, to which some educational policies have contributed. The mistake lies in the decline of interest in it and even the decline of aesthetic taste in general.

To all the scholars who contributed to the formation of this accumulation of knowledge with their valuable studies, I thank you for your valuable contribution and I extend my respect and gratitude to everyone who contributed to this scientific achievement, starting with the preparatory committee and ending with those who prepared and printed these facts.

Mr. Dr. Alaa Shaker Mahmoud,
Chairman of the Second International Conference of the Department of Art Education,
Dean of the College of Fine Arts/University of Diyala 

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