The President of Diyala University honors our distinguished professors in scientific activities

The President of Diyala University, Prof. Dr. Abdel-Moneim Abbas Karim, honored the professors of our college with distinguished scientific activities.
This honor came within the central ceremony held by the Presidency of the University on the occasion of our university’s entry into the British World Ranking of Arab Universities QS
The president of the university was honored by both Prof. Dr. Alaa Shaker Mahmoud, Dean of the College, and Prof. Dr. Jalil and Dai Hammoud, for their award of the first professor’s award for the scientific departments in the college, as well as the honor of Prof. Dr. Namir Qasim Khalaf, teacher Dr. Ansam Ayad Ali, and teacher Dr. Rafid Mahmoud Mashi, for their distinction. In scientific publication in international journals within the SCOPAS classification.
The Dean of the College stated that the professors of the Faculty of Fine Arts are accelerating their participation in all scientific activities despite the health condition that the country is going through with the spread of the Corona pandemic, including participation in international scientific conferences and seminars and international scientific publication within classified journals in scientific containers as well as participating in local exhibitions and festivals. And international, which led to the distinction and creativity of many of the faculty professors and their obtaining local and international honors and from various scientific and technical institutions

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