The Faculty of Fine Arts holds a scientific workshop on the influence of Dadaism in postmodern arts

The Department of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Diyala held a scientific workshop titled “The influence of Dadaism in postmodern art”.

The workshop, whose lecture was given by Prof. Dr. Aad Mahmoud, was the definition of modernism in which all the postmodernist trends were born. Europe during and after the First World War relied directly on the secretions of Nietzsche’s theory of nothingness, which was based on the principle of values ​​instability.

The workshop, which included a number of professors, employees and students of the college, discussed several topics, including the post-modern arts and influenced by the successive developments and events witnessed by the West during the war, as well as the adoption of postmodern art on the principle of primitive all its secretions.