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Towards a pioneering society

The electronic platform for the leadership project for development and employment
It is an initiative launched by the Iraqi Prime Minister that aims to create an effective environment to invest in the skills, features and talents of young people and job seekers, and train and prepare them for the economic market, to make a significant impact on the local community.
Initiative priorities
The initiative’s priorities put youth at the forefront of the goals of investing in human potential, and are a means to raise the capabilities of the national economy by empowering and supporting this group.
Target group
The initiative will take the form of intensive training courses directed to students, graduates and job seekers, consisting of effective lectures and delivered by the most skilled trainers, for the purpose of preparing young people and qualifying them for the labor market.
Initiative goal
Riyada is considered a golden opportunity for young people, young people, and job seekers to learn and create their own project, as the state will grant those who succeed in the courses certificates of participation in addition to funding for their own projects.
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Permanent exhibition

Everything related to artistic and handicraft works, such as knitting, embroidery, and plastic works of a local and international nature. In addition, there are some craft works that need training and development courses to hone the skills of learners, including learning the arts of sewing, embroidery, and knitting on ready-made clothes. There are also artistic works managed by specialists in teaching segments. A certain segment of society, namely the youth, as this segment of society needs sequential courses with progressive patterns through the establishment of integrated development courses with multiple levels of beginner, intermediate, and professional. The best guide to courses and seminars is the meetings that the staff of the College of Fine Arts / University of Diyala have worked on and are working on


Marketing the products and services that people provide by following specific marketing strategies. Marketing products is the only way to effectively reach your target audience wherever they are and constantly remind them of the brand. This is the only way to maintain your brand in the market. This experience is one of the leading experiences on the global level and is intended to develop skills. Young people whose ages range from 15 to 50 years. The purpose of targeting these groups is that they are age-effective segments capable of spreading activity within society, as they have a fundamental role in building society, as they need continuous and ongoing support to create job opportunities within the public sector and the private sector.

Data and information

Register first and get notifications and course dates and locations that suit your goals and obtain a certificate of participation after completing the courses. Dear subscriber, this platform was created to serve you as it is part of technological development and access to information faster through electronic pages that are created on links to international websites. This helps you. Dear subscriber, please present your ideas and works in an easy and inexpensive way. This method helps to spread globally more quickly in order to market local products of a global nature to reach the desired goals of the marketing process. This is what the labor market requires, which is built on digital technology in marketing and is called digital marketing.