Official of the Studies, Planning and Follow-up Division

Name / Salah Mahdi is absent

Academic achievement / Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Curriculum development mechanism:

1- Determine the vocabulary for the subject assigned from each semester at the postgraduate stage, provided that these vocabulary is not present in the textbooks or referred to as an idea or point only and that it is in line with or in light of the latest scientific developments.

2- If it is used to put the vocabulary in (first) whoever holds the title (professor), and if he is assigned to place it from lower scientific titles, then it should be presented to the professor in the general or specific specialty.

3- Availability of Arab and foreign scientific journals, especially modern ones, as well as books, basic references and assistance in the field of general and precise jurisdiction.

4- Taking into account copyrights when publishing lectures and literature on websites.

5- The need to raise supervision wages.

6- Adopting a multiple supervisors system if the subject of the thesis and university thesis so requires.

7 – Considerations Finding the scientific and legal motivation and motivation of the teaching staff, especially those in the rank of (professor) for the purposes of development, communication, creativity, competition and scientific excellence must be:

A- The instructor is granted scientific title allocations that are progressive along the lines of certification allocations. B – Setting up a scientific plan to ensure a balanced participation of all in conferences and courses at scientific societies and Arab and foreign universities.

C – The necessity of lifting anything other than injustice or rewards allocated for scientific research published outside Iraq, as well as the allowance for participation in scientific universities.

8- The authoring of the methodology and the assistance must be direct correspondence from the holders of the title of professor or between professor and assistant professor (with long experience exclusively and not invited to additional committees, bodies or seminars.

9- The distinguished approach is linked to providing a decent place, the necessary specialization, and a loyal and efficient employee.

Job description: To manage the division’s affairs in terms of providing data and statistics

Required studies and everything related to the division’s staff

Duties and Responsibility:

1-Fill in the university statistics tables and the annual report.
2-Preparing statistics and databases for students, faculty, and employees.
3-Spreading awareness and culture of planning among the faculty and students.
4-Preparing studies and developing the necessary plans to implement them in accordance with the university’s directives.
5-Provide opinion and advice to take decisions according to available data
6-Follow up the daily mail and edit administrative correspondence to and from the division.
Dependent and attached units:

1-Statistics Unit
2-Planning unit
3-Data and Informatics Unit

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