Name // Muhannad Khairy Abdel Wahab

Academic achievement // Bachelor of Art Education

About the Division

 The Scientific Affairs Division The Research and Development Division is considered one of the basic and active divisions in the college’s organizational structure because of the role entrusted to it in the field of pursuing scientific research and its requirements, which is the main objective of universities and the rest of their institutions. The role of the unit is evident through the following activities and axes: –

First: Follow up on graduate studies affairs

Second: Follow up on scientific affairs

As for the second part, it is the follow-up of scientific affairs by holding conferences, seminars, and workshops, and coordination with the rest of the research departments in other ministries, and the role of the college in serving the community and the national economy.

The tasks of the unit can be summarized as follows:

Preparing the college’s annual research plan in cooperation with the teaching staff.

• Holding scientific conferences, seminars and workshops.

• Follow up on the pioneering research of the faculty and external researchers associated with the college.

• Research coordination with other state departments to serve society and the national economy.
Job description: To manage the division’s affairs in relation to research, conferences and seminars

                            Scientific, cultural and everything related to the division’s staff

Duties and Responsibility:

1-Follow up the implementation of the college’s research plan.
2-Managing and organizing scientific and cultural conferences and seminars in the college.
3-Archiving everything related to the academic side and the academic titles of the two teaching staff.
4-Organizing scientific promotion forms and completed and published research.
5-Cooperating with state departments in marketing scientific products.
6-Follow up the daily mail and edit administrative correspondence to and from the division.

Dependent and attached units:

1- Scientific Research Unit
2-Unit of marketing of scientific products

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