((Head of the College Registration Division))

  The name // Salah Ghani Fadel

Academic achievement // Bachelor’s English

Profile of the College Registration Division

Registration Division: It is one of the most important administrative divisions in the college and whose responsibility rests with the assistant dean for student affairs. The department is responsible for working in this division from the beginning of the student’s admission to the college until his graduation. The lists then provide the students with letters of support for their continuation of study based on their request, follow up on students ’absences, answer the ministry’s mail and the external mail, complete the transfer transactions for students to and from other universities, send their files with grades, complete transferring students’ grades at all stages to files, and provide graduates with graduation confirmations in addition to documents. Certified by the university presidency in both Arabic and English, answering the validity of the issuance of those documents and confirmations, and providing the student with a wall certificate.

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