In our curriculums, students can experience all two courses (oil painting, and sculpture) during the first year. By expressing a broad range of expressions, students can find their own artistic methods which are suitable to them. From the second year onward, in their selected courses, each student can master specialized techniques and methods, and explore new artistic fields such as graphic arts. For four years here, students not only make a profound study of techniques, but also ask about what and how they should express themselves in their own ways. They construct solid bases for people who can express themselves.

Oil Painting course

This is the place where you find and polish your own expressions after studying all the theories and techniques of oil painting.

Students obtain basic knowledge in the lecture class such as “Introduction of Painting”. They also improve their skills of oil painting in practice. After studying sketching and image expressions fully, they master specific skills in three fields such as “representational paintings”, “abstract paintings”, and “paintings adopted new materials and expressions”.

Improving drawing techniques and polishing their senses and expressing methods, they push forward their own works for graduation projects.

Sculpture course  

Students study materials, and polish their skills.  The power of concepts and composition grew by leaps and bounds.

The course consists of the first part (stone, wood, metal, and molding) and the second part (comprehensive materials). After studying the basics, in the first part, students are trained to have the power of sketching, composition and techniques through modeling (clay and casting) and carving (stone and wood). In the second part, students are trained to have the power of conception and composition theoretically connected to a broad range of materials (cloth, light, water, sound, and air) and spaces, images, and notion. The purpose of this course is to create three-dimensional artworks utilizing innovative concepts and flexible ideas.

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