The tasks and powers of the head of the scientific department

The head of the scientific department performs the following tasks:

Scientific tasks:

Presiding over the department council, supervising the organization of its affairs, inviting to attend its sessions, implementing its decisions, and sending minutes of its sessions to the Dean of the College.

  1. Achieving higher goals and policies at the university.
  2. Executing the decisions of the College Board regarding the department.
  3. Supervising the preparation of the department’s strategic plan and following up on its implementation.
  4. Supervising the department’s educational, research, administrative, financial and cultural affairs.
  5. Supervising the department’s administrative, academic and research development
  6. Doing the teaching games assigned to it for each semester.
  7. Monitor student attendance and take examinations for theoretical and practical courses.
  8. Coordinating and developing the department’s relationships inside and outside the university.
  9. Supervising the provision of all educational, research, administrative and financial requirements of the department.
  10. Supervising raising the level of quality and developing its outputs.
  11. Implementing and following up the decisions of the department council.
  12. Carry out the powers delegated to him by the Dean of the College.
  13. Submitting to the Dean of the College all the violations of the required duties or any other violations committed by the faculty member and the like.
  14. Performing the periodic review and evaluation that would guarantee the development of the department’s scientific and academic curricula and present them to the College Board.
  15. Hosting external lecturers to deliver lectures on specific topics to undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  16. Supervising the course of teaching and teaching methods, and for the faculty members to carry out their duties.
  17. Preparing quarterly and annual scientific reports on the activities of the scientific department.
  18. Presenting research to the scientific committees for the purposes of consolidation and promotion.
  19. Distributing students to training sites, supervising them among the department’s employees, and issuing the necessary administrative orders for that.
  20. Proposing the issuance of administrative orders for university sabbatical and additional lectures according to actual need and in line with university controls in force after the approval of the College Board
  21. Supervising students’ scientific affairs for the various academic levels.
  22. Experts suggestion to consider the scientific promotions of the department’s teachers.
  23. Assigning any of the instructors to carry out the teaching tasks as needed, regardless of the ceiling set by the higher authorities.
  24. Approval of the faculty members to give lectures in the teaching or study programs of other departments.
  25. Approving the nomination of faculty members to participate in the technical, administrative and scientific committees.
  26. Direct inquiries to faculty members in the event of their absence or delay in entering lectures and questioning them.
  27. Chairing the scientific committee in the department.
  28. Approaching the scientific departments of the university and the corresponding scientific departments in other Iraqi universities and the technical institutes body with regard to scientific and teaching affairs or the selection of lecturers and obtaining the necessary approval to benefit from their services, provided that the faculty deanship knows about it.
  29. Issuing the necessary administrative orders regarding the scientific affairs of the department after obtaining the approval of the Deanship according to its scientific competence.
  30. Determining the department’s needs for faculty, technicians and administrators.
  31. Proposing the preparation and conditions for the admission plan in the scientific department and according to the capacity.
  32. Recommending the approval of the final results of the department’s students and following up on the students in everything related to their academic progress.
  33. Distributing lessons to faculty members in the scientific department.
  34. Setting the study schedules and examination schedules for the department and reporting them to the Deanship of the College.
  35. Holding a meeting with male and female students of the department at least once per semester to find out their needs, problems and difficulties that they face during their academic career at the university, listen to their proposals and opinions, find the necessary solutions for that, and submit his recommendations to the dean of the college if necessary.
  36. Preparing reports to evaluate the job performance of faculty members and administrative staff in his department and submitting it to the Dean of the College
  37. Supervising the academic advising process in the department and distributing students to faculty members.
  38. Conducting subject equivalencies for students transferring from other majors or from another university.
  39. Considering the excuses provided by students for missing lectures or exams.
  40. Supervising the work of laboratories, workshops and technical workshops, ensuring the validity of the devices and completing the deficiencies.

Administrative tasks

  1. Signing the form of the annual bonus and promotion in the field of the direct manager for all the department’s employees and recommending that they be granted bonuses and promotion.
  2. Approval of granting university service employees the regular leaves that they are entitled to under Paragraph (a) of Article 9 of the University Service Law No. (142) of 1976 for their enjoyment within the country, taking into account the provisions of Paragraph (1) of the aforementioned Article.
  3. Agreeing to grant university service employees from the department or branch the usual leaves accumulated for their services outside the teaching staff, if any, according to the university service law and in a manner that does not conflict with the work requirements.
  4. Recommending that letters of thanks and appreciation be directed to the employees of the department or branch, as well as to those outside it, in cases of outstanding performance.
  5. Distributing duties to the employees of the department or branch according to the dictates of the department’s scientific interest and issuing administrative orders for that.
  6. Calling the department council to convene in extraordinary sessions when necessary.
  7. Recommending the issuance of dismissal decisions due to absence for those who exceed the permissible percentage of students of the department or branch, according to the instructions in force.
  8. Issuing warning orders and failing students in absences or when they neglect and violate regulations and instructions
  9. Issuing administrative orders related to giving lectures by affiliates or external lecturers (in coordination with the Deanship of the College), opening records or forms related to them and checking them according to the administrative orders issued in their regard, and following up the payment of their wages by the department secretariat in coordination with the financial department in the college.

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