The tasks and powers of the Assistant Administrative Dean

   The Administrative Assistant Dean of the College exercises the following powers to facilitate the work of the people affiliated to him

First: Administrative Powers

1- Assigning the work of the administrative and technical staff in all the college’s divisions according to the college’s work requirements and distributing them among those divisions in a way that guarantees the college’s interest and needs.

2- Issuing orders of appointment, placement, referral to retirement and resignation, except for what is related to the implementation of the Revolutionary Command Council Resolution No. 550 of 1989.

3- Approving the granting of regular vacations to technicians, administrators, and contracting employees of the faculty to enjoy them inside and outside Iraq.

4- Approval of promoting the faculty of technicians and administrators.

5- Approval of assigning college employees and affiliates to university overtime work.

6- Approving the acceptance of medical reports issued from inside and outside Iraq to all faculty members, provided that these reports comply with the controls and provisions contained in the sick leave system of No. 76 of 1959 and its amendments.

7 – To direct letters of thanks and appreciation to the faculty members, technicians and administrators, in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations in force.

8- Carrying out the necessary transfers in the administrative staff in the college and according to the requirements of the public interest and in coordination with the faculty deanship and the heads of scientific departments in it.

9 – Signing the issuance of orders for granting regular vacations, summer vacations, and legally prescribed bonuses to those who are referred to retirement from the faculty.

10- Signing the forms of annual bonuses and promotions for administrative and technical staff.

11- Granting maternity leave and childbirth leave to the faculty members according to the decisions and instructions in force.

Second: Financial Powers:

1- Approval of the referral of the additional statements and periods according to the relevant committees and according to the general contracting conditions, laws and regulations in force.

2- Granting bonuses in cash and encouragement to distinguished faculty members, and not exceeding (10,000) ten thousand dinars in each case.

3- The authority to distribute the necessary financial allocations between the scientific departments and in coordination with the heads of the scientific departments.

4 – Approval and disbursement of delegation advances for teachers, technicians and administrators of the faculty members within the country and the appropriate periods for the completion of the task.

5- Approving the granting of professional and engineering assignments, infection allowances, risks and other allowances decided upon in accordance with laws, regulations and instructions.

6- Recommending the referral of the department’s employees to investigation according to the State Employees Discipline Law.

7- Proposing to issue dismissal decisions due to absence for those who exceed the permissible percentage of students of the department or branch according to the instructions in force provided that they are accompanied by the approval of the College Board.

8- Issuing administrative orders alerting students or failing to absenteeism or when they fail and violate regulations and instructions.

9 – Issuing administrative orders for giving lectures by affiliates or external lecturers (in coordination with the Deanship of the College), opening records or forms related to them and checking them according to the administrative orders issued in their regard, and following up their disbursement by the department secretariat in coordination with the college’s financial department.

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