((Official of the Missions and Cultural Relations Division))

Name // Reem Abdel-Hussein Mahmoud
Academic achievement // Master of Art Education Teaching Methods
 About the Scholarships and Cultural Relations Unit

The Scholarships and Cultural Relations Unit was established since the establishment of the college at the University of Diyala in 2011, and it is one of the basic units of the college, as this unit is managed by employees affiliated with the college, and this unit handles the affairs of college students studying abroad and delegates to and from local and foreign universities, as well as organizing relations Cultural, activities, and science inside and outside the college, in order to advance and advance the reality of education in the college.
Objectives of the Scholarships and Cultural Relations Unit:

 The main objective of the Missions and Cultural Relations Unit is to upgrade the reality of the college’s education and thus promote the high level of quality and efficiency for the university and society and bridge the gap that separates it from the countries of the developed world through the tasks provided by this unit.
 Services provided by the Scholarships and Cultural Relations Unit:

The basic tasks of the missions and cultural relations unit in the college are summarized as follows:

1- Paying attention to the affairs of students who have scholarships, fellowships, or study leave by facilitating what they throw for it.

2- Organizing the cultural and scientific relations inside and outside the college specialized in all fields with the aim of achieving the maximum benefit from all offered scientific, research and academic activities and delivering them to all departments of the college.
Job description: To manage the division’s affairs in relation to missions and cultural relations

Duties and Responsibility:

1-Uncles of books and correspondences related to fellowships and scholarships.
2-Promote transactions related to fellowships and scholarships in cooperation with the Administrative Division.
3-Follow up and archive everything related to students studying abroad.
4-Taking care of the affairs of scholarship students and facilitating procedures for them.
5-Activating and sustaining cultural and scientific relations outside the college and in all fields.
6-Follow up the daily mail and edit administrative correspondence to and from the division.

Dependent and attached units:

 1-Students Affairs Unit abroad
 2-Cultural Relations Unit

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