Government program (2018-2022)

Human and community services and development


First – Considering the entry of Iraqi universities into international rankings as a goal and an indicator of the quality of higher education in Iraq. Each university president must present a specific timetable for his university’s entry into one of the important global classifications. Second – Adopting a true twinning of Iraqi universities with important international universities through study and training of participants, exchange of testing methods, joint scientific research outputs, and other essential matters. Third – The Ministry submits its plans to reduce slack and spread the academic atmosphere, research and university life, raise academic levels, and seek to contract with the state or companies to accomplish work. Fourth – Encouraging the establishment of private universities with international standards and quality, encouraging parallel education in universities and introducing distance education, and placing current universities under test, whether to raise the level or to cancel the licenses of non-serious universities that aim to issue certificates without university scientific foundations. Fifth – Encouraging investment in expanding government colleges and raising their scientific and academic levels by the Iraqi and foreign private sector or foreign universities, so that the government college or university becomes a supportive counterpart to improve the educational situation and save expenditures from outside the state budget.

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