((Finance Division Officer))

Name // Hussam Khalil Ibrahim

Academic achievement // Bachelor of Administration and Economics

 Profile of the Finance Division
Functions of the Accounts Division:

1-Preparing salary lists for college employees (permanent staff).
2-Preparing salary lists for college employees (ministerial contracts and daily wages).
3-Following up the amounts of the advances of the Procurement and Maintenance Committees of our faculty from requests and settlements.
4-Follow-up sums of publication and research fees for our college instructors.
5-Preparing lists of the wages of external lecturers in our college.
6-Preparing the variables for the salary lists of our college employees.
7-Keep collection receipts collected for the College of Accounting.
8-Follow up the advances of the procurement and maintenance committees of our college.
9-Preparing the records of the funds (Higher Education Fund – Evening Study Fund)

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