Official of the Media and Public Relations Division

Name / Rabab Karim Kitan
Academic achievement / MA

College notification division responsibility and tasks

The media is necessary in the location of any institution or activity with its various orientations and specializations, as it is the medium that promotes the nature of the capabilities and energies that the activity possesses and the feasibility of a production or product and a public benefit. This is the role of the media, and this entails more than responsibility and determinants of its success, its dynamic movement and professionalism in the media, and its ability to communicate with all components of activity and production, preceding the news and the event soon with the decision-makers. Faced with this responsibility, the Media Division in the college is active with a large package of tasks on lines in which the Dean, Prof. Dr. Alaa Shaker Mahmoud was a mentor and has a wide area in its principles and ideas.

Keeping up with the Dean in his conferences, meetings, tours, and following up on the progress of the scientific educational process in the college, his field trips, and his standing on the urban movement and what is happening in the expansion and development of his two sons, who is accomplished and who is in progress.
The division works on following up and communicating with the administrative and scientific assistant and all departments and people in their activities, conferences, workflow, circulars and coverage of news flags.
The division continues to open up to students and work to develop the culture of art in its meanings and its human message, the message of love and peace, and its support for initiative and giving, and for them to have a distinct role among the ranks of society to spread this culture and its effective values ​​in rapprochement, acceptance and respect for the opinion and the right of others, and peaceful coexistence in society.
In accordance with the policy and mission of our college to open up to society and institutions close to our programs to draw their role in the civilized and human construction and to spread the culture of art with the suffering of humanity and in light of the directives of the Dean. Our division continues to communicate in understanding the establishment of joint businesses and activities with the same meanings with some institutions, and the mayor included the determinants of their programs and an agenda for this year that will appear to the light to achieve the public benefit.
The department works on communicating with the college’s website on the Internet and archiving all activities and conferences, decisions and circulars issued, and notifications and documents related to students in the course of the educational process. Let us facilitate their help in communicating and receiving the news.
The division continues its communication channel with the university media in directing and joint coordination, attending periodic meetings for research and consultation, and working in a solidarity effort to produce meaningful and advanced university media. The division works periodically to transmit the news and the college’s activities with a package of media reports to the Media and Public Relations Department in the Presidency.