No two people disagree that Diyala was, until recently, one of the richest provinces in Iraq in its artistic, literary, political and social contribution, taking advantage of the proximity of many of its cities to the capital, Baghdad, where the people of Diyala used to draw from Baghdad’s institutes and colleges of sciences and arts in various fields.

 With the scientific openness and the great expansion witnessed by Iraqi universities, especially the University of Diyala, it was imperative that the scientific and literary tide of the university be accompanied by an artistic extension that copes with the urgent need to build the person in his artistic dimension and deepen the sense of a taste for creative activity, which pushes society to complete the conditions for its emotional integration And cognitive.

  It is what made us put this scientific edifice represented by the College of Fine Arts into effect, to be the gateway from which the new youngster would launch towards the world of artistic creativity, taking into account the need for academic framing of all the creative energies that arose in the province.

Prof. Alaa Shaker Mahmoud

Dean of the College of Fine Arts – University of Diyala

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