((Responsibility of the Division of Development and Continuing Education))

Name // Muhammad Hassan Alwan

 Academic achievement // Bachelor’s

About the Division of Development and Continuing Education
Continuing Education and Development Unit

It deals with development affairs, qualifying courses and seminars for the college staff.

Unit objectives: • Scientific and literary advancement of the faculty staff. Holding introductory seminars on various topics. • Keeping up with and knowing the progress in the world.


Directing and guiding the associates to participate in various events. Continuing education for college employees.

Job description: To manage the division’s affairs with regard to implementing training and development courses

Duties and Responsibility:

1- Setting the annual plan for the development and training courses for the college’s employees.
2-Preparing the requirements for implementing the courses and ensuring their success.
3-Communicate with the Continuing Education Center to nominate qualified candidates for external courses.
4-Follow up the daily mail and edit administrative correspondence to and from the division.

Dependent and attached units:

1-Development unit
2-Training unit

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