Students study theory and practice of the media culture .They also study about the future together .

Before a movie is completed, various people get involved and many processes are needed. In the Visual Concept Planning Department, students find their own directions with faculty members who play active parts in the world of motion pictures and visual images by using the same system of movie and broadcasting studios while studying the process of making visual images slowly and carefully. Students can create their own programs of study according to their aptitude and goals to be cameramen, movie directors, and scenario-writers.

And students master all processes of making movies by film practically and comprehensively. They experience the process which appeals to intellect and sensibility such as producing scenarios, shooting and composing music. Students learn techniques such as structure and function of camera, frame-work, and characters of lenses, types and qualities of film, and lighting skills in the same facilities and equipment that the professionals are using.

And students experience all process of various works such as long and short-dramas, documentaries, expressive images, art animations, commercial films. Among them, they find a genre which they want to tackle and deepen it. Especially, while emphasizing planning and scenario, students are given instructions on basic techniques as producers to convey writers’ thoughts and intentions to viewers.

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