((Administrative Division official))

Name // Hussam Emad Abdelghani

Academic Achievement // Bachelor of Engineering

For the Division

The administrative division consists of the head of the administrative division and the gentlemen, each according to his job. The division is included in the organizational structure of the college and is considered one of the main divisions in the college to manage staff and teaching affairs and everything related to their service and salaries, and it is linked to the assistant dean for administrative affairs.

Services provided by the Administrative Division

1- Administration of the college’s internal and external mail.

2- Administration of teaching personnel affairs, including service, salaries, bonuses, grants, and issuance of administrative orders.

3- Maintaining the administrative and university official books and all orders related to the college.

4- Maintaining and updating the files related to all college employees.

5- Providing the retirement authority with all information for retirement purposes.

6- Promotion nomination form

7. A form for obtaining the annual increment

8. Cross-audit information form

9- A form to obtain a permanent identity card

10. Clearance form

11. Written undertaking

12. Medical examination for appointment

13. Leave form

14. Promotion nomination form

The objectives of the administrative division

1- Completing all the transactions related to the teachers and employees.

2. The completion of all the transactions related to the college administration as quickly as possible according to the available capabilities.

3- Upgrading the level of administration in a manner befitting the level of administration in a manner befitting the level of the university and the ministry.

4. Providing the best services to the educated segment in higher education.

5. Providing the best administrative services for all higher education sectors.

Job description: To manage the administrative affairs of the college and everything related to the division’s staff

Duties and Responsibility:

1-Preparing data for the faculty staff and staff.
2-Follow up on affiliates’ affairs, including appointment, transfer, promotion, bonuses, etc.
3-Supervising the updating of the programs of the informatics unit and the national pension unit.
4-Follow up on the organization and archiving of college employee files.
5-Follow-up of the agricultural unit in the maintenance of college gardens and green areas.
6-Supervising the receipt, archiving and distribution of daily incoming and outgoing mail.
7-Follow up on the work of maintenance units, services, transportation and machinery.
8-Editing official correspondences inside and outside the college.

Dependent and attached units:

1-Faculty Affairs Unit
2-Personnel Affairs Unit
3-Recruitment and staffing unit
4-National Pension Unit
5-Electronic files and documentation unit
6-Mechanisms and Transport Unit
7-Incoming and outgoing unit
8-Maintenance and services unit
9-Agricultural unit
10-Information Technology Unit