Sports Activities Division official

Name // Abdullah Muhannad Akram
Academic achievement // Bachelor of Physical Education
the definition:

 It is interested in the sporting and artistic activities that are held by the college

mission :

1- It is concerned with organizing sports tournaments and competitions

2- It is interested in artistic activities such as exhibitions and artistic performances for students and poetry and theatrical festivals that raise the cultural level of students and openness to artistic and sports institutions

3- It tries to highlight the students’ talents in the sports and technical side.

Job description: To manage the division’s affairs in relation to student activities in the college

Duties and Responsibility:

1-Holding periodic sports activities inside and outside the college.
Cooperating with the scientific departments and technical workshops in the college in establishing activities such as:
     Art exhibitions and theatrical performances.

2-Cooperating with the university to participate in scouting activities outside the college.
Follow up the daily mail and edit administrative correspondence to and from the division.

Dependent and attached units:

1-Sports activities unit
2-Technical activities unit
3-Scouting Activities Unit

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