First, the teaching staff of the title of the campaign (Professor)

NTeaching nameCertificateSpecialization
1Alaa Shaker MahmoudDoctorateArt Education
2ADD Mahmoud HammadiDoctorateArt Education
3Ibrahim Mahmoud blessingDoctorateAudio and visual arts
4Jalil Wadi HamoudDoctorateinformation

Secondly, the teaching staff of the title of the campaign (Assistant Professor)

NTeaching nameCertificateSpecialization
1Najm Abdullah AskarDoctorateArt Education
2Namir Kassim behindDoctorateArt Education
3Maan Jassim MohammedDoctorateArt Education
4Yousry Abdel Wahab MahmoudDoctorateArt Education

Third, the teaching staff of the title campaign (Teacher)

NTeaching nameCertificateSpecialization
1Fadel Mahmoud KhudairM.A.Audio and visual
2Wadah Hassan FleihM.A.Musical arts
3Allow Hassan FleihM.A.Musical arts
4Golan Hussein AlwanM.A.Sculpture
1Fadel Hassan AmmarM.A.Art Education
2Emad Khudair AbbasM.A.Art Education

Fourth, the teaching staff of the title of the campaign (assistant teacher)

NTeaching nameCertificateSpecialization
1Rabab Karim GitanM.A.information
2Hussein Mohammed Ali ShahathaM.A.Art Education
3Adel Atalla KhalifaM.A.Art Education
4Anwar desert RezoukiM.A.Art Education
5Omar Qasim AliM.A.Art Education
6Promised Abdul Amir KhalafM.A.Directed by theater
7Reem Abdul Hussein MahmoudM.A.Art Education
8Please Hamid RashidM.A.Art Education

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